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Our Mission

To help clients compete more successfully in high-tech markets.

What We Do

We help clients clearly understand what is going on in their marketplace, often with primary and secondary research. More importantly, we help clients apply that understanding (and often information they've gleaned from other sources) to develop strategic marketing action plans to successfully grow their business.

We do this via engagements such as market assessments, marketing strategy, competitive analysis, positioning, and certain types of training/workshops. We know research techniques, including statistically projectable surveys, focus groups, and executive interviews. The combination of industry and methodology expertise helps us provide the information and insight that enables clients to make the best possible decisions.

What We Bring to the Table

Our founders have decades of tech market industry experience -- and the rich set of contacts that goes with that. Our repertoire of experience includes senior positions with firms like Gartner, Dataquest, IBM/Lotus, Macromedia, Netcom, Businessland, etc.

Clients for which we've done work include IBM, HP, Microsoft, Sun, Oracle, Novell, Netscape, and many others.

Market-segment expertise includes software, computing hardware and professional IT services.

Our geographic understanding is global...we have coordinated global and regional projects for North American, European and Asian clients.

Quote of the Month

"The truth is you can spend your life any way you want, but you can spend it only once."

John C. Maxwell, Leadership expert.

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