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Government Engagements

Technology represents a crucial component of the global economy. For government organizations charged with monitoring and influencing technology industries in their regions, it is a challenge to keep abreast of emerging technologies and shifting market dynamics.

In the technology marketplace, as in other industries, countries and even regions compete to attract inward investment to their regions. Government agencies need to understand how narrow product or market windows, global or local market dynamics and the increasing technological sophistication of products influence the ways companies develop their capital investment strategy.

Governments are also tasked with developing a policy that will optimize the health of their citizens and their economy. While some countries take a more hands-off role with regard to industrial policy, many governments are actively involved in establishing a strategic framework of programs and policies to support the country's local industries. Technology is viewed by many governments as an opportunity to launch their economies on to a higher growth path or as a means to maintain a leading position in the global economy.

Key Benefits

  • Position the local economy for emerging technology and market opportunities.
  • Utilize unbiased analysis and insight to support key government decisions.
  • Develop strategies to keep the economy competitive on both a regional and a global basis.
  • Establish and maintain a strong image and leadership position in high tech.
  • Leverage the experience of those who have gone before.

Sample Engagements

Competitive Gap Assessment

For an Asian government agency, provided an assessment of U.S. and Japanese software industries, identified critical success factors and constructed a plan to narrow the software gap between the two countries.

Market Entry Assessment

For an Asian government agency, analyzed the position of and opportunities for its local companies in the Japanese market.

Fact-Based Policy Development

For an Asian government ministry, analyzed the global and local software markets at the product, company and applications levels and developed an action plan.

Market Entry Workshop

For an Asian government agency and software companies, provided a series of tutorial workshops to assist them in understanding potential strategies for entering the U.S. software market.

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