A Quick adaptation of traditional Cheese Pockets

by Harvey Stegman & John Stegman

Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2010 16:47:04 -0600
Subject: RE: Quick Cheese Pockets recipe?

Hi Chuck, Absolutely! I've added some notes and suggestions based on experience. Let me know if you have questions. Bon Appetit!
4 large or 7 medium potatoes
1 pound cottage cheese (regular, not dry)
1 24 oz. pkg. of Gina Italian Village Cheese Ravioli (ideally Large Round, but any size will do)
1 24 oz. container sour cream (plus an optional extra smaller container for reheating pockets after initial meal...see comments at end)
1 8 oz. container buttermilk
9 slices bread (cut in cubes, best to leave bread out for a few days in advance to dry it out)
1/2 cup cooking oil
In very large pot, boil water and add Ravioli. Cut potatoes in cubes, and after 10 minutes, add to same pot with Ravioli (original recipe was to cook them separately, but I've found it more efficient this way, as long as you have big enough pot). Boil an additional 25 minutes or until desired tenderness (i.e., ~ 35 minutes total cooking time for pockets. Note: Ravioli directions say to cook for shorter time, but Dad and I both found they were too hard unless cooked longer)
While pot is boiling, combine sauce ingredients into pot over low to medium heat until warm (avoid boiling): cottage cheese, sour cream, buttermilk.
Heat oil in large frying pan, then add bread and cook until browned.
Drain pockets and potatoes and combine with sauce, then put fried bread over the top and serve.
Serve with dill pickles. (As if that isn't known!)
When reheating pockets for later meals, I've found that mixing in some sour cream before you microwave them makes them MUCH better. (They tend to get dry otherwise.)
NOTE: I eat cheese pockets regularly, and I've simplified them even more. I don't cook the bread in oil. I just make the ravioli and potatoes, and cut up pieces of dried bread or toast, and combine them and put them (dry) into Tupperware of the right serving sizes and freeze. Then when I'm ready to eat them, defrost them, and THEN add sour cream, cottage cheese, (and buttermilk if I've got it, not essential) before I microwave it. I've found that once you've had them in the fridge or freezer, you can't taste much difference between the fried bread and not fried. Of course, for the initial meal, it tastes better if they are fried.