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Market Research

The goal of market research is to better understand what is actually going on. It is not uncommon for "internal" views of what customers/clients want and need to diverge significantly from what is actually going on. Periodic market research projects, if widely socialized in your firm, can help to keep your team on the same page about what's important with your customers or clients.

Key Benefits

  • Confirm or correct "conventional wisdom"; create a shared vision for your team on what customers think is most important
  • Discover untapped opportunities and unknown risks
  • Avoid costly mistakes in launching new products/services or entering new markets

Sample Engagements

Software as a Service: Drivers, Barriers and Triggers

A large-scale primary study to understand Web-based "software as a service". Questions examined included : Who's credible as a provider? What are the spending plans? What criteria will be used to make the decisions? What distinguishes those ready to spend vs. those who aren't?

Knowledge Management

A small-scale qualitative study of leading-edge adopters of knowledge management (KM). Questions examined included: What does it take to make KM successful? What would you have done differently? What products and services did you use? How much was done internally vs. outsourced? Who is the key KM person in your organization and how do they perceive their job?

E-Mail Outsourcing

This moderate-scale study examined the market for outsourcing of e-mail to better understand who is doing it, how they feel about it, what drives some to keep e-mail internal and others to outsource.

Impact of Cost Savings

A product feature was identified for possible elimination. A "back-of-the-envelope" analysis indicated that the millions of cost savings would not result in significant client defections. But, given the importance of the decision, further research was felt to be needed. A survey was crafted that did not telegraph the possible feature elimination, but allowed the firm to see the likely impact. The likely negative impact on revenue was far greater than what had been expected and the product feature was not eliminated.

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