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Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy engagements are typically driven by a significant change in the environment. Sometimes this is driven by a new competitor or new technology. Typical market strategy engagements focus on some or all of the following: market segmentation, product/service positioning and differentiation, competition, regulatory and socio-economic drivers, pricing, etc. Often, the hardest thing about a marketing strategy is decided what you're NOT going to do.

Key Benefits

  • Make your marketing strategy explicit and gain buy-in from various internal stake-holders
  • Take changing market and competitive conditions into account in your strategy
  • Verify that you have the appropriate partners and "go-to-market" model

Sample Engagements

Replacement for Vanishing Markets

A moderate-sized software firm, a significant player in their market, needed a new direction. Their market was lucrative now, but was headed toward becoming a "feature" of other offerings rather than a market unto itself. Three mutually-exclusive possible strategic directions were identified and the pros and cons of each were studied before the path forward was chosen.

Repurposing Existing Product

A telecommunications firm had developed a product that wasn't a fit with current market conditions. Alternative target markets and positioning statements were identified and tested with representatives of the various markets. This enabled the firm, with minimal product changes, to successfully gain a return on their R&D investment.

Filling Gaps: Build or Buy?

A successful consulting firm wished to expand their market presence. The most promising opportunities were identified and for each, a build-vs.-buy analysis was done. In several cases, it was decided to buy boutique firms to fill the gaps. A screening process was instituted and several firms were identified for acquisition. In other instances, it was decided that building the capability internally was the only option. Hiring profiles and training programs were created.

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