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Workshops and Training Sessions

Workshop and Training Session engagements are highly interactive sessions, typically at the client's location and lasting a full day. The workshops are, of course, customized to the particular client. They may or may not require preparation and follow-up. Topics include strategic planning (including scenario planning), sales force knowledge about a new market the company may be entering, market segmentation, opportunities identification and prioritization, and so forth.

Key Benefits

  • Create consensus in your team about how to move forward
  • Enable you to participate in the discussions, rather than having to "chair" them
  • Don't tie up your internal resources at a critical launch time

Sample Engagements

Scenario Planning

For a consulting unit of a professional services firm, scenario planning sessions were conducted in key locations globally to identify the risks and opportunities associated with plausible future scenarios. Location-specific strategies were developed to mitigate risks and capitalize on opportunities.

Opportunity Identification and Prioritization

A software company with a successful and dominant presence -- but in a static market -- wanted to identify possible new markets that would leverage existing strengths. A series of workshops (with both internal and external participants) were used to identify the most promising opportunities. A final workshop with the management team picked the top opportunities and developed initial action plans.

Sales Force Education

A large systems integrator with an established line of offerings acquired a boutique with complementary offerings. However these new offerings required significant re-education so that the existing sales force could successfully bring them to market.

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